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Personal - Assault Dragon by TwilightSaint

So, critic, critic... Okay. So, first things first, the lines are extremely precise. There is no hesitation to be seen anywhere, even t...


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Turning round and round in a square room sure makes a funny sentence, but it’s not so fun when you’re the person doing this. It is even less when you cannot even seem to understand where the floor is anymore, as you seem to move freely on all six surfaces. A cube with changing gravity… Isn’t it just perky? In the dark it isn’t, in Snake’s opinion. Walking aimlessly, trying to find an exit that seems more and more unlikely to be there, anyone would find that annoying…

The walls keep changing, and sounds sometimes echo. He tries to follow them, but they always end up being nothing; nothing more than the echoes of unchanging sounds. Laughs, breaths, metal screeching, nothing makes sense. Nothing ever. Is there even an exit to this? What an annoying nightmare…


Running, right, then left, then up, then down…

It keeps moving around him, as if it was water. Water that becomes solid whenever he looks at it. He turns around again, he whispers so loud in his own ears…

The beginning again.

“No! Not again! I don’t want to-”

And yet he once more moves forward and passes the door. There is no way back, so forward is the only solution… if one can even call this a solution. It is dark around, so, so dark… He breathes loudly, somehow reassured to hear himself over the noisy absent whispers. What IS this place? Why is he here? Why can’t he seem to find the exit? Why can’t it seem to exist? Why?


He keeps his eyes shut, thinking. He tried sitting down, but it didn’t work. So he is standing there, maybe on the ceiling, maybe on the floor, thinking. There has to be an exit. There always is. He just has to… find it. What did he see? What did he feel?

So the room doesn’t have any specific up or down. He cannot sit down, or lay down, or anything of the like. Which means something important is linked to them. Does it mean that the exit out is in? Or maybe it’s in the center of the room? Snake opens his eyes and looks around. He still can’t see anything. It’s a blackout in here, and nothing seems to be in here with him. The floor still feels like muddy sand under him. He can tell the answer is right them, just out of his reach… but what is it?


He feels the tears run down his face as he runs. He wants to shout out, to cry out, to anyone, to anything. But nothing comes out of his throat. He’s muted by some force.
Always the same thing, always, always, always, over, and over, and over, and over, and over. The beginning, the middle, the voices, the whispers, the darkness, the blackout, the beginning again, over and over again. He wants to stop, he knows he will have to stop at some point, but not now, just not now, now now…

Not now, not now, not with the whispers telling him to. He wants to stop listening to the whispers, to her reeking, sharp, cutting voice that keeps soothing him into blackness and pain. He wants away, he just wants the light of day. But with each turn of the clock inside him, with each new, tortuous, painful beginning, he can tell his hope flounders and dies a little more, just a little, little more… But a dangerous more, one that he knows will bring his hope to its death…

And then… he will be hers…

Crying even more, he tries to cry out, tries his best again, but still nothing comes out. His head hurts with all the cries stuck in his head.

Lady murmurs echo in his head, announcing the blackout once more, whispering sweet, painful, sickening things in the back of his mind:

“My sweet, sweet silly thing… Why don’t you accept it? Why don’t you just… let go? You won’t find it… You won’t find… HIM.”
Run Rabbit Run 2: Bark and Cry, Slither and Wimper
Hey there guys! As promised, the weekly updates are started. This was done when I was waiting for stuff so I already had it. Lucky, because urgh homework. The second part of the semester in Uni is killing me DX So tired...

Next week is probably gonna be a short poem, or a thing of the like. Really sorry, but I have loooooots of work. If I manage to write more than one chapter of any story, I'll make sure to publish it. But don't count on it too much :(

Take a guess, take a guess! Who's the runner?

I'm really sorry that the chapter is so short, BTW (even more compared to the previous one... I might end up re-uploading it later as an enhanced version).

Also if you guys find something that doesn't make sense, please let me know ^^

First series (Haunted House): PewDiePie / Cry : Haunted House 1
Previous: Run Rabbit Run 1: 1 Step Back and 2 into the Dark
Next: :work:


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I love to write novels and poems, I draw a bit and I sing (not too) bad.

I use all my free time during which I don't create reading manga or fantasy novels or playing on my consoles (N64, Xbox, Xbox 360, Wii, Computer) on 1st pers. shooters (majoritarily).

I really like learning, even more when it comes to languages, History and maths (yeah I know they don't have anything in common...)

And one point I wanna make clear... I don't read yaoi for the sex. I read yaoi for the story behind the sex. Because for those who don't know, YES there can be sex and a story/feelings behind it.

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I also have:

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What age would Stiles be? (TW)

Turns out, at end of Season 2, if the year is the same as ours, he should be 17, since he was born in 1995. Funny how that makes him NOT underage in Canada, but does in California (where Beacon Hills is supposed to be).

Thing is, consent in Canada is at, uh... 16 (unless it's a relation of "use", like teacher/student, which would then be 18), while in California it's 18 (unless already married... WTF?).

So when I read or write Sterek, I can't help wondering whether I should consider this kind of story underage or not... XD Haaa laws man they're awesome =p
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